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Online Training can be accessed from any device that connects to the Internet, meaning that you can learn FINPACK in your office or on the go. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, you can rewind, rewatch, and skip videos to custom-tailor your learning experience.

Brush up on basics, or prepare for advanced analysis

Online Training contains more than 500 videos, broken into 1-5 minute segments, so that you can focus in on the parts that you care about. Each section contains introductory overviews and advanced topics, so everyone can learn something new. With over 60+ hours of training videos, FINPACK’s online training is a valuable resource for any lending institution or business.

Get everyone on the same page

FINPACK’s benefits come not just though its superior credit analysis tools, but through its ability to standardize the lending process at your institution. Through online training, your institution can form a standardized lending process. Case studies and optional quizzes make it easier than ever before to make sure all employees are comfortable using FINPACK.

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